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Online Ticketing

The Online Ticketing Solution has a flexible, customizable and extremely easy-to-use interface. It enables you to automatically manage inventory, sell ticket online, accept payment in real time, maintain customer information in a single database, generate reports easily and conduct CRM exercises.

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Restaurant Websites

A restaurant website design plays an important role in the restaurant’s marketing mix. It is mainly used as a promotional tool. Now-a-days people hardly get time to go through restaurant guide books and more rely on the online information provided in the home site.Once again this is an online brochure where you can tell people about your food, your chef, display your menu and prices if required and also show nice images.

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Online CRM

CRM (customer relationship management) is an information industry term for methodologies, software, and usually Internet capabilities that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way. It is a strategy used to learn more about customer needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them.

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Multilingual Websites

A multilingual website demonstrates one is thinking about the customer. That little extra effort shows you have thought and cared enough about them to offer the website in their language. To get the competitive advantage in today's environment you need to think outside the box and multilingual websites can create wonders.

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Hotel Websites

A hotel website is the central hub of all your internet marketing activity. It must be focused on maximizing the conversion of visitors into bookings and be as visible as possible to search engines.

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CMS/E-Commerce Solution

E-commerce, known as Electronic commerce, represents the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet and other computer networks. Exchange of inquiries, orders, invoices, transfer of funds etc. happens directly over the internet.

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