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Customized Billing

We acknowledge the fact that each one of our Clients has unique billing and customer management requirements. To address the diverse needs of all our customers we provide project management services that are designed to proactively deal with the changing business needs of each one of our customers. A dedicated project team is assigned to each customer, ensuring the customized and highest quality of service.

System Study

The SIPL project teams assess, analyze and clarify the technical and business requirements that will best serve the requirements of its customers. The understanding reached at this phase serves as the basis.

1 Pre-Sales Analysis

The SIPL representative understands Client’s business requirements in totality and explains him as to how our solution fits into his existing network. Usually it is done via emails or telephonic conversations. In some cases a SIPL representative also personally visit client’s place.

2 Systems Study

After the contract is finalized, the Systems Analyst will hold detailed discussions with the Client's Technical people about their technical-setup, networks, systems and processes. Existing systems of the clients are examined so as to develop and implement process improvements software. Software compatibility and related issues are also scrutinized. This can be done offsite/onsite according to the need of the situation.

3 Customization

SIPL feels that no two service providers have exactly the same set of network requirements. In order to accommodate these unique requirements, the customization phase is almost mandatory. A list of detailed activities along with the time taken to deliver them is submitted.

4 Contract Signing

The contract comprising the terms and conditions mutually agreed on by both the parties is signed. The time frames for the performance and delivery of various tasks are also decided and agreed upon.


Training sessions are undertaken in order to educate our users to get the best output from the billing solution in relation to his business requirements.
Free training is provided after the product is delivered in order to provide detailed knowledge and skillful operation for independent operation of the systems. Training can be conducted onsite as well as offsite depending on the nature of client requirements and terms & conditions of the contract.
Additional training can also be provided to the customers at extra cost.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support is provided 365*24*7 in various ways according to the requirements of the Client. SIPL provides both onsite maintenance and support and Remote 24x7 Maintenance and support for its World wide clients.

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