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SMS Integration


Now a days with a near omnipresent of the mobile phones, it forms a very important, indeed essential means for the people to connect and communicate with their personal and professional network. Extending the email network to the mobile phone therefore makes imminent sense. However, most approaches to enable email access on the mobile phone have been constrained by the need for special devices and services.The system also supports advertising and marketing features wherein the user can send mass emails and mass SMS messages. This offers a cost effective means of contacting your customers and provides the ability to personalize each message based upon your requirements and also faster, easier way to extend the enterprise email network to include the mobile phones, with immediate benefit to productivity and responsiveness of an enterprise.


The SMS integration enables the following features:

1 Email to SMS

Send SMS messages from your email account. Users essentially send emails which are converted to SMS and sent using either a GSM modem or an SMS Center as a gateway.

2 SMS Alerts

Receive SMS alerts for important email messages. Users can configure alerts to be sent to their mobile phones, based on mail filter rules, e.g. send an alert with a summary of the mail, whenever the user receives a mail from alok@siplnet.com.

3 SMS to Email

Send email message using SMS. While travelling, if a user does not have access to a PC to access the email client, he could send a small email using the SMS as a carrier.

4 Configuration/Settings for application

Configuration/Settings for switching some of the features on and off to make the application generic for different types of restaurants.

5 Data Analysis

Generate reports for data analysis.

6 Calculations

Overbooking and automatic priority calculations based on historical data.

7 Blue-Prints or Layout

Making blue-prints or layout of the floors, sections, etc.

8 Reservations

Reservations through SMS besides phone and walk-in customers.

Key Administrative features

  • Access control for SMS.
  • Configure Multiple SMS gateways.
  • Choose between GSM modem and SMS Center services.
  • SMS trails.

This platform enables a whole new set of applications and also increases the efficiency of the work force.

SMS Integration
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