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A set of sample demo given below which are help you get familiar with the features of MHungry.

MHungry Goes Mobile

When you know what you want, So Does MHungry
You can use the World's Fastest Ordering System by mobile phone, PDA, Kiosk. There’s no easier way to place an order for your favorite meal than MHungry.a diam eu massa. Quisque diam lorem interdum vitaibus ac scelerisque vitae pede.
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Create Group Order

When you have reason, Invite your Group
Learn more how to create and manage "Group Order".
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Curbside Delivery

When way is stuck, MHungry helps you
Take Out 2 Your Car is MHungry's new patent pending voice notification/conference call program designed to notify you when your customers arrive to pick up their take out order.
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